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The 1000 Years Show

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Hire The 1000 Years Show for your Venue/Event

The 1000 Years Show is available to hire, in it's various forms, for your event, be it History Society,

U3A, Community Centre, or Festival.

Email: Anthony at for details.

Kings and Queens of England is the cornerstone of The 1000 Years Show. Written in 2014, it started off as an additional song performed at the beginning of The Richard III Show. The idea to 'timeline' the Kings and Queens of England from 1066 to the present day and beyond to 2066, giving The 1000 Years Show it's title, after adding more songs and stories to the project. Magna Carta Show came next, shortly followed by The Agincourt Show - both written and debuted in 2015. In the subsequent years, more events from history, and a few speculative stabs at the future have been added. Below are three songs that were recorded to youtube. 

Please note: These were recorded before the recent change in the monarchy and some details given in the videos are incorrect.

Kings and Queens of England

The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

Only A Boy

From Riii

The Future

In 2012, the remains of Richard III were found, in a Leicester car park. In 2013, I included a song about the discovery in my comedy show 'Not Normal' which was nominated for Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival. In 2014, I began to work on a show specific to Richard III in readiness for the reburial due to take place in 2015. 

The 20 minute long Richard III Show was performed from March 23rd to April 15th 2015, five times per day at Leicester's Guildhall. It was comprised of four songs, interspersed with comedy and featuring a read-a-long musical Kings and Queens of England timeline song that became the cornerstone of, and gave the name to, The 1000 Years Show.

By the end of that year, The Magna Carta Show (800 year celebration) and The Agincourt Show (600 years) were performed at the hall, followed by shows that featured all three events, well into 2017.

Since then, many more events have been added to the 1000 Years Show and performances can be tapered on request.

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